A Dream in Kenya

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Through 3 days of travel we finally arrived at our destination in Kitale, Kenya. Exhausted and weary we settled into our home for the next 10 days. Our gracious and beautiful hosts Larry and Francine Carruthers, couldn’t be more amazing. They truly have heart for God and continue to move by his will in their endeavours. They have now been in Kitale for 8 years, and in that time have been a huge blessing to the community.

They have worked to move children from an orphanage into family homes to be raised in a normal family dynamic. They have started a clinic for the poor, strictly out of need, and though initially ill equipped has made a substantial impact with those who cannot get healthcare otherwise. They also serve remote villages, where health care is just short of none existent! These projects are the big reason why I am here! They are also more recently working with the local prisons to bring health care, support, and a message of hope. This and countless other acts of helping HIV moms, to street kids, to communities in the slums, is nothing short of miraculous. To be here and truly see the work they are doing has been awe inspiring.

In the last few days, I have been working with the clinic and clinic staff to help to give them another perspective. I have always wanted to come to Kenya, but never quite knew how I could help. Being that I am a doctor in natural medicine I felt limited, but after many conversations and dream sessions Larry and Francine, I can now see not just what I can do, but what needs to be done. I’m so blessed for Larry and Francine believing in my vision.

The vision for our little clinic in Kitale, is to start with integrating other alternative options for their patients rather than solely relying on medications like antibiotics. There often tends to be an over prescribing of antibiotics in clinics in Africa that see many infections and illnesses in their communities. This results in a continued destruction of their gut flora, ultimately leading to more illness and potentially life threatening infections due to antibiotic resistance.

We are initially working at incorporating more nutrient and vitamin support, simple homeopathics, essential oils, herbs and more natural remedies. We will see what works and what simply doesn’t, with the ultimate vision of being able to potentially produce herbal remedies and therapies there by increasing sustainability.

Our long term vision is also to educate the community on farming practices and alternative remedies, even simple ones they can do at home, like sauerkraut. They have a lot of cabbage here! This in turn can bring empowerment to the community on how to take better care of themselves. The vision is great, but I know God has big plans for this beautiful country!

Stay tuned, as this project is dear to my heart and I’m so excited to be a part of it.

With courage and blessings,

Dr Alana Berg