Cut the Colds!

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It’s Been a rough cold and flu season. Here are some keep flu busters to keep you strong not sick

It’s not the signs of a cold that is of concern, in fact, that is a sign of a healthy immune system responding to the environment.

What is a concern is repetitive infections, prolonged infections, or believe it or not those that never get sick.  When you never get sick, this can be a sign that your immune systems is not responding to infections you are inevitably being exposed to.

Symptoms is our immune system fighting not the bug!

So a slightly scratchy throat and mild symptoms for a day or 2 is a sign of a healthy responding system.

So that said how do we keep ourselves, protected and allow for that strong response?

  1. Sleep:  proper sleep is essential, research indicated between 7-8 hours is optimal for most adults.
  2. Washing hands often with regular soap (anti-bacterial soaps contain triclosan which has been shown to contribute to antibiotic resistance and a hormone disruptor).
  3. Avoid sugar which is known to suppress the immune system for up to 5 hours after consumption.
  4. Eat whole foods: (organic, GMO free are even better).  By avoiding processed foods you are reducing the burden the chemicals, coloring and flavorings our kids little bodies have to clear from their systems.  These foods also tend to be high in sugar, and stripped of their nutrients.  The nutrients are the keys to keeping a system strong.  If it looks nothing like it did in nature then just imagine how much processing had to go into that food to make it look and taste like it does.
  5. Vitamin support: 500mg Vitamin C, every hour to bowel tolerance (or diarrhea) is a good way to saturate your system of the cold fighting nutrient.   I also recommend 3 days of 10,000 IU Vitamin D3 for adults for a swift immune kick!
  6. Vitamin A:  200,000 IU spread out over about 10 days before cold and flu season can really ramp up your immune response (this should not be administered in pregnant women)
  7. Probiotics daily keep the digestive tract strong which is where about 70% of the immune system is located.

If repetitive infections seem to be an issue for you, it may be advisable to look at more chronic issues like food sensitivities, stress, other chronic infections, chronic environmental toxicity, and lack of sleep.  A qualified professional can you assess this individually.