Courage Ambassador: Sam LeBlanc

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Sam’s Journey with Cancer

I have had the privilege to work with this amazing woman in the past year, and her journey has been nothing short of astounding. She exudes strength, humility, integrity and grace.    I wanted to share her words specifically with you, so you can also feel the tremendous inspiration that she is for all that she touches.

“My name is Sam LeBlanc, I am a bright 27-year-old, currently living in my beautiful hometown, Kelowna BC. I love yoga, dancing, my sweet golden retriever puppy Duke, travelling, and spending time outside in the forest and the water. I value community, connection, enjoying good coffee & good food with the people I love, and holistic nutrition.

Since finding yoga in 2010 I have been following a mystical path full of truth, light, spirituality & wellbeing. The deeper I dive into the yogi practices, the more connected I feel to myself and to the universe around me. I have become very self-aware of both my body & my mind. I have also learned to listen closely to my heart & my intuition, always following the pulls of where it wants me to go.

Last September I was presented with one of my biggest fears, a shocking stage 4 incurable lung cancer diagnosis. The moment I received the news,

I had a deep knowing that this was a blessing in disguise.

This was put on my path serving as a wakeup call to live bigger. From that day, I was called to harness all of my power, strength and courage to take this on. Initially there was a lot of fear although there have been so many synchronicities that I don’t question anything anymore. I strongly believe there is a higher power working it’s magic in ways we can’t explain or control. This experience has taught me so much about trust and has changed my life course in a way that is much more aligned with my heart.

After a winter of recovering from an intense surgery removing half of my left lung and an unsettling meeting with my oncologist giving me 6 months to live if untreated, 1-2 years treated, I chose to listen to the booming voice in my head (also known as my intuition) saying NO to all conventional treatment. That was also the day I decided to get a puppy to bring more love and joy into my life during this emotional time and to manifest at least 15 more years of life because I believe if you act as though something is already happening, then, it will.

With the guidance of my amazing teachers, my naturopathic Doctors, Alana Berg and Diego Navarro, I have been able to make hard decisions that have lead me to where I am now. They have empowered me to make conscious choices to heal with holistic medicine and make lifestyle changes that will facilitate my body and mind to heal naturally. They have taught me this is a process and we are working together to get to the root of the matter. I am grateful every day for the incredible humans who have helped me along the way. This hasn’t been easy but it has been incredibly positive in so many ways.

I fully believe in everything I am doing and I feel strong, bright, free & alive.”


Sam has been so good at really asking herself what she needs in this process.  She also has be good are being able to receive, something that I think many of us struggle with.  She has spend time in Mexico in treatment and she has been regularly committed to treatment back home in Kelowna all throughout.

Sam, through this process, is really learning to love herself unconditionally.  She is coming to acceptance and forgiveness of herself and others as well.  She is working to really understanding the true source of that love and where her healing lies.  Sam is an amazingly courageous woman that impacts every person she meets.  She has a profound destiny on this earth and I have no doubt in my mind she will find her miracle.


Courage and Blessings,