The Big 3: Stay Informed, Stay Healthy, Stay Calm

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I want to share an article that might help to weigh perspectives on this whole international crisis, and reduce some fear of the infection. I think the bottom line is we really don’t have enough information to make clear decisions on how to handle the epidemic we are in. Everyone is doing the best they can.

It appears the rates of infection are likely much higher than reported due to lack of tests available or people with no or mild symptoms not getting tested. Which means the actual fatality rates are likely lower than being reported (whew), which is a good thing, but still a real issue for those at risk. We need to weather this storm together, using rational, calm decision-making to the best of our ability. So until that information is fully available and testing is more adequate, we need to stay calm, protected, and healthy.

Use this circumstance as an opportunity to take good care of yourself:

  • take your vitamins (Vitamin D3, C and A)
  • Take your minerals (particularly Zinc)
  • get some fresh air
  • stay hydrated: particularly drinking warm liquids
  • gargle with salt water
  • get good amounts of sleep
  • avoid sugar
  • play, smile, laugh, hug someone you can (even virutually)
  • take your probiotics and fermented foods
  • stay home right now to help slow this process
  • be smart and cautious with any actions that could expose our most vulnerable community to this infection, it could be critical to them

Never doubt your inherent immune system to fight off colds and flus, we have been doing since the dawn of time. Our bodies are designed to heal, and for most of us, it will do just that! It seems intense now, but “this too, will pass”. And we can only pray we come through this with wisdom, integrity, and compassion for everyone, as we are all being affected by it, one way or another, no matter our health status.

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Dr. Alana Berg, ND