Empowering You To Become The Courageous Architect Of Your Life

I believe that you can change your story and create it to be anything you want to. I also believe you can do the same for your health. This book is to help you navigate exactly how to do just that!

Through this book, readers become inspired and learn how to change their personal journey from frustrated and hopeless, to healthy and empowered.

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“You are the creator of your cure.”

By diving deep into the root causes of disease, and uncovering the essential processes to healing, you will achieve your health goals.

To truly heal we must not only know why we are sick but also understand how we need to shift. The extent of disease that your body experiences has a divine message and purpose for moving you into alignment and balance.

I want you to learn how to remove the fear of illness, and learn to embrace the journey to wellness.

This groundbreaking book will transform your perspective on health and wellness! Now available in text and audio versions. Don’t miss your free personal downloadable workbook available with every copy of The Courageous Cure!

Also Check out Dr Berg’s coure, The Courageous Cure Action Plan, where you can make this information personal, as we work together to uncover your healing process.

What People Are Saying

INSIGHTFUL AND THOUGH PROVOKING If you or someone is looking for answers to your health this is a great insight. In the western medical world we are taught to treat each symptom rather than peeling back the layers and getting down to the root of the cause. If you feel like you have plateaued with your healing journey give this book a go. It’s insightful and real stories are presented providing plenty of examples of healing different ailments and disease.

- Stephanie May

GREAT ADDITION TO MY LIBRARY Great book! Good information about how a great variety of factors impact our health to make us sick, and the various levels of healing. Well written in a way that is easy to read, and easy to understand. The author did a good job explaining how all aspects of our life have to be taken into consideration to determine causes for illness and how each level of our human existence has to be healed to really achieve overall wellness. I truly enjoyed reading this book, and expect to refer back to it often.

- Mary Waugh

EASY TO READ AND INFORMATIVE! I'm so grateful for this timely and relevant book! I especially enjoyed the chapter on EMF's. I don't think enough people are talking about this issue, yet it's one of the greatest changes our civilization and environment has experienced in the last 100 years. Dr. Berg shares simple, helpful solutions and real life patient stories that make healthy changes seem less daunting- and demonstrate the great benefit to implementing those changes.

- Jessie Puetz