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“You are the creator of your cure.”

- Dr. Alana Berg

This groundbreaking book will transform your perspective on health and wellness!

I believe that you can change your story and create it to be anything you want to. I also believe you can do the same for your health. This book is to help you navigate exactly how to do just that!

I will inspire readers to move from frustrated and hopeless in their personal journey, to healthy and empowered.

By diving deep into the root causes of disease, and uncovering the essential processes to healing, you will achieve your health goals.




Hi, I’m Dr. Alana

I’m a Naturopathic Doctor, an author, a mother, an entrepreneur, and a healing facilitator.  I want to help you, overcome the greatest challenges in your health.

I’ve been down that road with my own health journey, overcoming Multiple Sclerosis over a decade ago, so I know the struggle, and I also know what it takes.  My life’s work, is to empower you to take control of your health: mind, body and soul.  I want you to understand the power within you, to transform you life, to face life’s difficult challenges, and thrive.

I want you to know that the body is designed to heal.

On the journey together, my biggest prayer for you is that you can move from “I want to heal,” to “I know I will heal.”  There is a difference, and we’re going to explore that together.

Are you ready to find your own cure?

“It’s not what you’ve been through that defines you,
but rather how you’ve overcome.”