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Episode 17: What does it mean to be vital?
Episode #16: "Who said you're not enough?"
Episode #15: How are we influencing and supporting young girls today?
Episode #14: All About Women... From A Man's Perspective
Episode #13: Generation Gap: Relating to youngest women of today
Episode #12: Parenting Pt 2, Dealing with Anxiety and Trauma in our Children
Episode #11: Learning to Use your Breath to Heal and Revive
Episode #10: Authentic Soulful Relationships: How do We Cultivate Them?
Episode #9: Beating Burnout As A Modern Woman
Episode #8: Manifesting Your Dreams
Episode #7: Cultivating Soulful Relationships in Your Life
Episode #6: Parenting: Raising Children to Thrive in Today's World
Episode #5: Money, Abundance, Blocks and Breakthroughs
Episode #4: Celebrating Optimism when the World Seems Upside Down
Episode #3: The Duplicity of Life: feeling guilty for living a life of joy?!
Episode #2: "The Four Agreements" Revealed
Episode #1: Welcome to Be Your Brilliance

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